The OpenPolitics Project

An open source plan for the UK. Take control, and create the future you want.

Help write the Manifesto

This is a project to create a new kind of politics. We’re starting by writing a manifesto, but we want everyone to build it together. Click the button above to start reading, and click “Edit” at the top right to add your own ideas.

Everyone has ideas about the future - why not add yours? Perhaps you can see something on here you disagree with? Nothing on this site is set in stone - everything and anything is up for discussion, amending, or changing entirely. Your contribution doesn’t have to be huge - everything helps!

This is a non-partisan project, and we invite all political parties and candidates to adopt this Manifesto of policy ideas. We’re really pleased that Something New are the first political party to do so, and we hope others will soon follow.


The current political landscape in the UK is not serving the public interest. There is not enough choice, little informed debate, and no challenge to the prevailing narrative. Those of us who believe in, and are working towards, a better future have nobody to represent us.

We believe that a better kind of government is possible; one based on openness, transparency, evidence, and citizen engagement. We believe that it is time for those of us who have a stake in the future to stand up, and change the system from the inside.

There are many people thinking about the new opportunities that the Internet brings to government; we aim to put some of those ideas into practice, and give people something to vote for, starting here.

Background Reading


Most discussion takes place around proposed changes. See the list of open votes for information.

Some contributors hang around in the #openpolitics IRC channel, on Feel free to drop by for discussion or help contributing!

You can also follow OpenPoliticsUK on Twitter (or the #openpolitics hashtag) for notifications of new votes, etc.